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Distrikt by Mia

Parrot Painting 104 x H144

Parrot Painting 104 x H144

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A large imposing framed canvas depicting two colourful parrots. A close up with a contemporary twist on the style of representation. The background is a deep peppermint green and the birds themselves are in tones of mango yellow, wine, white, red and the beaks are in a tone of royal purple. "Two Parrot Canvas" is a stunning artwork on a framed canvas measuring 100cm x 104cm.

The parrots take centre stage against a simple backdrop. The framing adds a touch of sophistication, and the overall size allows you to get up close and personal with the details of the parrots. It's a contemporary celebration of nature's beauty, where the vivid colours pop off the canvas, making it a lively and joyful addition to any space. 

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