"How the algorithim is killing personal taste" by Marie Kelly, The Times, 9.6.24,

"The interiors stylist Mia Parsons is more than comfortable with a bit of visual discord. She describes her own style as 1970s with a punk/bohemian influence, and her eclectic Co Wicklow lifestyle emporium, Distrikt by Mia, is the bricks-and-mortar antithesis of our homogeneous online worlds. It’s an abundance of energising and stimulating colours, textures, shapes and prints, and she says customers have a primal reaction to it when they enter.

“I think this is because it’s so different from the formulaic interiors presented on Instagram,” she says. “It has a cocooning warmth, but an energy too, which people respond to.” Many of the homes Parsons is commissioned to style are “greige” when she first sees them, reflecting one of the dominant trends on social media. “A lot of people who adopt this aesthetic don’t have any strong feelings about it, yet they’ve gone with the look anyway,” she reveals. Parsons has encountered numerous customers and clients who have lost confidence in their own ideas and are nervous of stepping away from what they see online. “I watch them second-guessing their own likes and dislikes because they’re stuck in the aesthetic loop algorithms feed them. It’s a rabbit hole we all have to consciously pull ourselves out of.”

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Winner of Wicklow Chamber of Commerce Best Start Up Business Award, 2022

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