Welcome to Distrikt by Mia

Mia visualises and creates. An interior stylist, styling homes and businesses and in recent years she has been designing jewellery, primarily statement earrings, in her business Mia P design. 

You can follow the thread of Mia’s signature style over the years by noticing that certain shapes appear and reappear. Drawn to a certain feeling that is hugely informed by shape and colour, Mia’s intuitive world of design has evolved and burst onto the stage in the form of this beautiful store in its idyllic setting at the port in Wicklow town.

Stepping through the doors of DISTRIKT BY MIA, is like entering into an exotic bazaar where you feel the warm fuzzy and contented feeling that this is ‘a happy and welcoming place’, you could be anywhere in the world.

Designed with a touch of Morocco in mind, Mia and her partner Mark transformed what had been a white box, a gym, with a wall of mirror and a low hung white grid ceiling, to what is now a feast for the senses, full of warm earthy tones, tactile textures, fragrances and treasures to gift, and to adorn the homes of fellow seekers.

Come visit, there is always a welcome on the mat from Mia, Mark, Jennifer and Barbara, The Distrikt family at your service.



The central ethos that fuels this magic carpet is that everyone deserves to be surrounded by beautiful objects, and with this in mind, Mia sources treasures to suit every pocket. Whether it's a fiver or five hundred, the aesthetic beauty is a constant.