Style Consultancy with Mia Parsons

As well as a Style Consultancy by Mia we also provide solutions for those small but essential jobs in the home or office setting with our ‘Small Job Solution’ service by Mark.


Good styling appears effortless. Not overly fussy, simply calm, tasteful, timeless, homely, warm and very inviting. We all want to feel that our homes represent our individuality, tell a little about us, and have that magical quality that makes visitors feel that it's just fabulous and that they never want to leave.

Bringing all the essential elements together, eliminating those that don't work, understanding how you like to live, are all part of the process of styling. A consultation with me will streamline your ideas or as in many cases, create concepts in the absence of ideas. I will create a space that brings together a look that will elevate your home to a new level.


After booking your appointment, I will come to your home on the date for a one and a half hour consultation session.

Having spent time in the space and with you, I will assess the project and glean information regarding the aesthetic and mood that you would like to create in your space, taking into account any pieces currently in the space that could be incorporated into the scheme. 

Sometimes it's hard to reimagine the space you have been living in for some time or for that matter imagine a space that is empty and new to you. However, this is exactly what you are hiring me for. I can see the room in a completely new light and I can inspire ideas that you may not have thought possible up to now.

With a clear knowledge of both your budget and goals for the project, I will come back with style suggestions for the colour scheme, soft furnishings, accessorising, layering while adding texture and warmth to create a mood that will elevate your space to a new level.

I will take away all of the information and create a mood board which I will send to you for future reference. 

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