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The Summer Blog

Warmth. It’s finally crept in and I can say categorically that I feel it  in my bones… I have a huge sense of gratitude for it. With it comes so much possibility. Our homes feel that little bit bigger once again, as the garden takes on the role of extension. It  becomes the place where we have our morning coffee, read the book, have lunche or dinners, barbeques of course, entertaining. An extra safe playing space for our children and grandchildren and yet another area that we can tweak and pour our love into. Not forgetting our furry friends, they too love to be out there lolling around in the rays.

For me, it is infused with an enormous dollop of nostalgia. The distant sounds of neighbour’s chatter, kids playing and arguing over their role in a game, who is in or out, hot or cold. The sounds and smells of grass being cut and hedges being shorn, it has the magical ability to transport me right back to my parent’s back garden. My father asleep in a garden chair, and my mother distributing ice-cream within two wafers along with trays of tea or cold drinks, she continued this even into our adulthood. The sounds of the transistor radios in various gardens, transmitting summer tunes and sports commentary. I imagine that many of us have similar memories, evoked by the onset of the warm weather and the end of the school year.

I have already started painting in my back garden, firstly the shed, in a beautiful kind of racing green called ‘invisible Green’ by little green. I love it so much I am continuing the same colour onto the actual back of the house. It makes a fabulous background for foliage and plant pots and again, there is a nostalgic angle to it for me. As you can tell, I am all into nostalgia and nature when it comes to the garden. I love the bunting for the pops of colour. Styling the garden, especially for a social evening, completely brings out my inner child. I just want to play with draping fabrics from gazebos, making it feel like a Bedouin tent. Lighting a fire, burning incense and candles, choosing the right music and feeding people, generally making more great memories. Gardens can consume a lot of time and money, but with a little imagination and yes, admittedly it does take a bit of time, we can transform a tired, scrappy garden into a place of tranquillity and the home of memory making.

So with all of that in mind, we at ‘Distrikt by Mia’ Mark, Barbara, Jennifer and Mia, wish you the absolute best summer, whether it is spent in your garden, at your mobile home, holiday home, tent of if you are travelling, have a ball. As always, we are here to help with any tips and advice you may need to help you along the way, so pop in anytime and have a chat.

Happy Summer everyone.

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